A horizontal box for organizing child widgets.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkObject
       `-- GtkWidget
              `-- GtkContainer
                     `-- GtkBox
                            `-- GtkHBox

Direct Subclasses


The GtkHBox container is designed to organize child widgets along a single row, allocating the same height to all children. This overrides any child requisition size, and child widgets that take up less than the allocated space are horizontally centered by default within that space.

Adding child widgets to a GtkHBox is done by packing methods that are either inherited from the GtkBox class, such as pack_start() , or by the less flexible add() , common to all container widgets.

GtkHBox and GtkVBox, in combination, are the most commonly used packing widgets.For sample code on how to use both, check the GtkVBox constructor entry.

See also: GtkVBox, GtkTable, GtkButtonBox, GtkBox, GtkContainer.


GtkHBox ([bool homogeneous = false [, int spacing = 0]]);

-- Creates a container that arranges widgets horizontally.