GtkHBox Constructor

GtkHBox ([bool homogeneous = false [, int spacing = 0]]);

The parameter homogeneous is a boolean value which determines whether all child widgets in the box should be assigned the width of the largest widget. The default behaviour (false) is to maintain the individual width of the widgets unchanged. The second parameter, spacing, defines the minimum number of pixels to be left between widgets.

Example 69. GtkHBox and GtkVBox packing demonstration

//Here we create the GtkWindow
$window = new GtkWindow();
$window->set_title("GtkHBox and GtkVBox packing demonstration");
$window->connect_simple("destroy", array("gtk", "main_quit"));

//Adding a GtkVBox to our $window
$vbox = new GtkVBox(false, 5);

//Let's add a GtkLabel as the first (topmost) widget in our $vbox
$label = new GtkLabel();
$label->set_text("This GtkLabel is packed at the start of a GtkVBox.
The GtkCalendar and the empty GtkTextView below are packed, respectively,
at the start and the end of a GtkHBox, which is in turn packed at the end
of the GtkVBox.");
$vbox->pack_start($label, true, true, 5);

//Adding a GtkHBox to the end (bottom) of the $vbox
$hbox = new GtkHBox(true, 0);

//Here we'll add GtkCalendar to the start (ie. the left) of the $hbox
$calendar = new GtkCalendar();
$hbox->pack_start($calendar, true, true, 2);

//Adding a GtkTextView to the end (ie. the right) fo the $hbox
$text = new GtkTextView();
$hbox->pack_end($text, true, true, 2);