GtkAboutDialog Constructor

GtkAboutDialog ();

Creates a new instance of a GtkAboutDialog. Remember that all the functions of the parent class, GtkDialog, can also be used - for example, run() .

Example 14. Simple GtkAboutDialog

$dlg = new GtkAboutDialog();

$dlg->set_name('My first program');

$dlg->set_comments('These are my comments' . "\nWith a newline");
$dlg->set_copyright('Copyright (C) 1982-2005 myself');
$dlg->set_license("MyPL v2\nDo whatever you want to do.\n"
    . "But don't hurt anyone.");//Button
    $dlg->render_icon(Gtk::STOCK_CDROM, Gtk::ICON_SIZE_LARGE_TOOLBAR)
$dlg->set_translator_credits("German version - My Friend\n"
    . "French version - Another Friend");