Controls how important event sources are during the main loop.


Symbolic name


 -100Gobject::PRIORITY_DEFAULT Use this for default priority event sources
  100Gobject::PRIORITY_HIGH_IDLE Use this for high priority timeouts. This priority is never used inside GTK+ so everything running at this priority will be running before anything inside the toolkit.
  110Gobject::PRIORITY_HIGH_IDLE Use this priority for resizing related stuff. It is used internally by GTK+ to compute the sizes of widgets. This priority is higher than Gobject::GTK_PRIORITYto avoid resizing a widget which was just redrawn.
  120Gobject::PRIORITY_REDRAW Use this priority for redrawing related stuff. It is used internally by GTK+ to do pending redraws. This priority is lower than Gobject::PRIORITY_RESIZE to avoid redrawing a widget just before resizing (and therefore redrawing it again).
  200Gobject::PRIORITY_DEFAULT_IDLE Default priority for idle functions.
  300Gobject::PRIORITY_LOW Priority for very unimportant background tasks.