GtkTearoffMenuItem Constructor

GtkTearoffMenuItem ();

This constructor doesn't have any parameters; just instantiate and add it to a GtkMenu via its add() method.

Example 118. Detaching a menu

//The menu will look like this:
// [File            ]
//  + -----------
//  + New
//  + Open
//  + Save

//Create a menu bar to add the file menu to
$menubar = new GtkMenuBar();

//File menu
$file = new GtkMenuItem('_File');
//Menu to hold the items
$mnuFile = new GtkMenu();

//Add the tearoff menu item to the file menu
$mnuFile->add(new GtkTearOffMenuItem());
//Add the normal menu items
$mnuFile->add(new GtkImageMenuItem(Gtk::STOCK_NEW));
$mnuFile->add(new GtkImageMenuItem(Gtk::STOCK_OPEN));
$mnuFile->add(new GtkImageMenuItem(Gtk::STOCK_SAVE));

//standard stuff for window creation
$wnd = new GtkWindow();
$wnd->connect_simple('destroy', array('Gtk', 'main_quit'));