GtkStatusbar Constructor

GtkStatusbar ();

Creates a new GtkStatusbar. The new status bar will have an empty message stack. New messages should be added using push() .

Example 115. Creating a GtkStatusbar

// Create a new window.
$window = new GtkWindow();

// Set the window up to close cleanly.
$window->connect_simple('destroy', array('Gtk', 'main_quit'));

// Create a status bar.
$status = new GtkStatusbar();

// Push a message onto the message stack.
// We need a context id.
$context_id = $status->get_context_id('example');
$status->push($context_id, 'Andrei is dreamy.');

// Add the combobox to the window.

// Show the window and its contents.

// Start the main loop.

See also: push()