GtkImageMenuItem Constructor

GtkImageMenuItem ([string label]);

Use the constructor to generate a new menu item with an icon. You may pass a string as the label, or a stock id, if you want to use the existing stock icons.

You may even precede a character of the label with an _ to indicate the mnemonic for the menu item.

Example 76. Creating image menu items

//Example: using GtkSeparatorMenuItems to
// separate menu items

//Create a menu bar
$mbar  = new GtkMenuBar();
//Add a menu item
$file  = new GtkMenuItem('_File');
//with a submenu
$fmenu = new GtkMenu();

//Now, we create a "normal" file menu:
// New, Open, Save, Save As, Quit
//To make it visually appealing, we separate
// the items with GtkSeparatorMenuItems
$fmenu->add(new GtkImageMenuItem(Gtk::STOCK_NEW));
$fmenu->add(new GtkImageMenuItem(Gtk::STOCK_OPEN));

$fmenu->add(new GtkSeparatorMenuItem());

$fmenu->add(new GtkImageMenuItem(Gtk::STOCK_SAVE));
$fmenu->add(new GtkImageMenuItem(Gtk::STOCK_SAVE_AS));

$fmenu->add(new GtkSeparatorMenuItem());

$fmenu->add(new GtkImageMenuItem(Gtk::STOCK_QUIT));

//standard stuff
$wnd = new GtkWindow();
$wnd->connect_simple('destroy', array('gtk', 'main_quit'));