A container that allows for precise placement of widgets.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkObject
       `-- GtkWidget
              `-- GtkContainer
                     `-- GtkFixed

Direct Subclasses


A GtkFixed container performs no automatic layout management, as it is left to the programmer to provide the placement and size of all child widgets, in pixels, through the put() and move() methods. The add() method should not be used with GtkFixed.

Although this container allows for a fine grain of control over the exact layout of a program, it is should not be used for most applications. One reason for this recommendation is that it requires great care and effort to prevent display bugs (such as truncated text or overlapping widgets), and makes it troublesome to add or remove widgets, as probably many others will have to be rearranged. It has some other limitations, particularly when it comes to tranlating text and handling right-to-left languages. It is also harder to maintain layout consistency, especially in applications with complex and/or multiple windows.

See also:GtkTable, GtkBox.


-- Creates a new GtkFixed container.


  Gets whether the GtkFixed has its own GdkWindow.
  Moves child to new position.
  Sets initial position of child.
  Defines whether a separate window should be created.