A text entry box with a prepopulated drop down list of values.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkObject
       `-- GtkWidget
              `-- GtkContainer
                     `-- GtkBin
                            `-- GtkComboBox
                                   `-- GtkComboBoxEntry

Implemented Interfaces


This widget is similar to a GtkComboBox with the exception that the user is allowed to enter a value that is not present in the choice list. It displays the selected value in a GtkEntry so that user can modify an exisiting value, or enter a new one.

Like, the GtkComboBox, this widget may have an underlying model, or use the convenient new_text constructor. If you use a model, your model must always have a text column that can be set by the set_text_column() function.

You may retrieve the text from the entry via the get_active_text function.


GtkComboBoxEntry ([GtkTreeModelmodel = null]);

-- Create a new GtkComboBoxEntry widget.

-- Convenience constructor to create a GtkComboBoxEntry without creating a model.

GtkComboBoxEntry::new_with_model (model, text_column);



  Return the column which the GtkEntry uses to display the string choices.
  Set the model column which the GtkEntry must use to display the string choices.