GtkComboBox Constructor

GtkComboBox::new_text ();

The new_text function is a convenience function that constructs a new text combo box, which is a GtkComboBox just displaying strings. If you use this function to create a text combo box, you should only manipulate its data source with the following convenience methods: append_text() , prepend_text() , insert_text() and remove_text()

Example 50. Creating a Text GtkComboBox

// Create a new window.
$window = new GtkWindow();

// Set the window up to close cleanly.
$window->connect_simple('destroy', array('Gtk', 'main_quit'));

// Create a text combobox.
$combo = GtkComboBox::new_text();

// Add some values.
$combo->append_text('New Jersey');
$combo->append_text('New Mexico');
$combo->append_text('New York');

// Add the combobox to the window.

// Show the window and its contents.

// Start the main loop.

This method must be called statically.