A widget that displays a check-box.

Object Hierarchy

`-- GtkObject
       `-- GtkWidget
              `-- GtkContainer
                     `-- GtkBin
                            `-- GtkButton
                                   `-- GtkToggleButton
                                          `-- GtkCheckButton

Direct Subclasses


This is a very common widget, used to display a check-box; optionally with a label beside it. It is generally used to get some input from the user (just like a button). This is actually a GtkToggleButton placed next to a widget (usually next to a GtkLabel) but displays a check mark to indicate that it is in a toggled state.

A group of check buttons are usually used when you require the user to select none or more of the given options. Note that this widget behaves exactly like a GtkToggleButton.


GtkCheckButton ([string label = null [, bool use_underline = false]]);

-- Creates a new check-box toggle button.