GdkPixbuf Constructor

GdkPixbuf::new_from_gd ( gd_image);

Creates a GdkPixbuf object based on a GD image object.

This method opens a range of possible interactions with PEAR packages: Any package that is able to produce GD images can be used to display its output directly in a GtkImage widget by loading the GD resource into a pixbuf.

The following examples uses the PEAR package Image_Graph to create a chart. Then it obtains internally used GD object and converts it to a GdkPixbuf, which itself is used as base for the GtkImage widget.

Example 6. Displaying a chart created with Image_Graph

* Using Image_Graph to create a chart and displaying it directly
* in a GtkImage widget, getting it to there with the
* GdkPixbuf::new_from_gd() method.
* The Image_Graph code is a slightly modified version of the
* simple.php example.
* You need Image_Graph version 0.7.3 or higher (0.7.2 doesn't
* support the required "none" output switch)

include 'Image/Graph.php';

//we want to use the gd library
$Graph = Image_Graph::factory('graph', array(array('width' => 400, 'height' => 300, 'canvas' => 'gd')));

//prepare the chart
$Plotarea = $Graph->addNew('plotarea');
$Dataset = Image_Graph::factory('dataset');
$Dataset->addPoint('Denmark', 10);
$Dataset->addPoint('Norway', 3);
$Dataset->addPoint('Sweden', 8);
$Dataset->addPoint('Finland', 5);
$Plot = $Plotarea->addNew('bar', $Dataset);

//This is the key: Don't output anything, just finish it
$Graph->done(array('output' => 'none'));

//get the gd object
$canvas = $Graph->_getCanvas();
$gd = $canvas->_canvas;

//Create GdkPixbuf from the GD object
$pixbuf = GdkPixbuf::new_from_gd($gd);

//Display the pixbuf by using a GtkImage widget
$wnd = new GtkWindow();
$wnd->connect_simple('destroy', array('Gtk', 'main_quit'));