Welcome to the user manual of PHP-GTK 2! This manual should help you get started with PHP-GTK 2 and also provide a comprehensive reference to most aspects of the language.

This manual is split into two main parts. The first part is the Tutorials section. This part will help you get started with PHP-GTK 2 programming and provide some insight into the various aspects of designing applications with PHP-GTK 2. The other part is the Reference section. This part of the manual provides details on all GTK objects and their associated methods and signals. This should be useful whenever you are in doubt of how a particular method or object is used.

Although we have taken great care in ensuring that all of the information in the manual is correct, it is possible that some errors crept in. Please do inform the PHP-GTK documentation group: in case you encounter such errors. If something you want is not present in the manual, do not hesitate to post your question to PHP-GTK-General mailing list:

This manual was produced using a modified version of the Docbook DTD. The modifications were made to document the object system used by PHP-GTK 2 in an easier manner. The XML basis for each class and their methods was initially generated automatically from the PHP-GTK 2 source code, and is updated via PHP5's Reflection to ensure that the documentation stays in-sync with the source.

The XML generator was written by Andrei Zmievski (the original author of PHP-GTK itself) and was modified by Christian Weiske. The documentation is transformed from its XML source into various other formats using XSL stylesheets as well as a host of other tools. The manual build system is maintained by Steph Fox.

We hope you enjoy reading the manual as much as we enjoyed making it!