void set(GtkTreeIter iter, column, value [, column [, value]]);

Sets the values of the row specified by iter. The parameters have to be pairs, determining the column id and the value the column shall be set to.

This method is useful when you used insert() or one of its siblings to create an empty row, or if you want to change multiple columns of a row.

Example 138. Setting column values with set()

//A row in that store can hold a string, an integer and a float
$store = new GtkTreeStore(Gtk::TYPE_STRING, Gtk::TYPE_LONG, GTK::TYPE_DOUBLE);

//create a new (empty) row
$row = $store->insert();
//set value of the first row
$store->set($row, 0, 'String');
//set value of the third and second row
$store->set($row, 2, 0.5, 1, 20);

//Display the store
$wnd  = new GtkWindow();
$view = new GtkTreeView($store);
$rend = new GtkCellRendererText();
$view->append_column(new GtkTreeViewColumn('String', $rend, 'text', 0));
$view->append_column(new GtkTreeViewColumn('Int'   , $rend, 'text', 1));
$view->append_column(new GtkTreeViewColumn('Float' , $rend, 'text', 2));
$wnd->connect_simple('destroy', array('gtk', 'main_quit'));


See also: append() , prepend()