int iter_depth(GtkTreeIter iter);

Calculates how deep the given iter is nested in the store. If the given iter is a top-level row, 0 is returned.

Example 135. Using iter_depth to determine the depth of a row

//Create the store
$store = new GtkTreeStore(Gtk::TYPE_STRING);

//Variable for the last inserted row
$last  = null;

//loop from 0 to 10
for ($nA = 0; $nA <= 10; $nA++) {
    //append a row as child of $last
    //$last is NULL at first, so the row will be top-level
    $last = $store->append($last, array('row ' . $nA));
    //display the depth of the created iterator
    echo 'Depth at level #' . $nA . ': ' . $store->iter_depth($last) . "\r\n";