void set_placement(GtkCornerType window_placement);

Determines the location of the child widget with respect to the scrollbars.

The default is Gtk::CORNER_TOP_LEFT, meaning the child is in the top left, with the scrollbars underneath and to the right. Other values in GtkCornerType are Gtk::CORNER_TOP_RIGHT, Gtk::CORNER_BOTTOM_LEFT, and Gtk::CORNER_BOTTOM_RIGHT.

Example 112. Placement types

//This examples shows what the different
// corner types look like

//Create first scrolled window
$scr_tl = new GtkScrolledWindow();
//Add a label on top of a viewport that is
// child of the scrolled window
    new GtkLabel('Gtk::CORNER_TOP_LEFT')
//Set the children placement to top+left

//Create the second scrolled window
$scr_bl = new GtkScrolledWindow();
//Again, a viewport with a label as child
    new GtkLabel('Gtk::CORNER_BOTTOM_LEFT')
//Now, we set the placement to bottom+left

//Third for top+right
$scr_tr = new GtkScrolledWindow();
    new GtkLabel('Gtk::CORNER_TOP_RIGHT')

//And the last: child at bottom+right
$scr_br = new GtkScrolledWindow();
    new GtkLabel('Gtk::CORNER_BOTTOM_RIGHT')

//Add all the scrolled windows to a table
$tbl = new GtkTable(3, 3);
$tbl->attach($scr_tl, 0, 1, 0, 1);
$tbl->attach($scr_tr, 2, 3, 0, 1);
$tbl->attach($scr_bl, 0, 1, 2, 3);
$tbl->attach($scr_br, 2, 3, 2, 3);

//Standard window creation stuff
$wnd = new GtkWindow();
$wnd->connect_simple('destroy', array('Gtk', 'main_quit'));

See also: get_placement()