void set( GtkTreeIter iter , column, value [, column [, value]]);

Change the data of certain columns of the row given by iter.

The second parameter is the number of the column which data shall be changed, and the third parameter is the actual data. You can change more than one column by adding more column number/data pairs to the method.

Example 98. Inserting some rows into a list store

//Create new list store with string and number columns
$store = new GtkListStore(Gobject::TYPE_STRING, Gobject::TYPE_LONG);

//at first, get an iterator for a new row
$iterator = $store->append();
//now use that to set the name at that row (column 0)
$store->set($iterator, 0, 'Tokio');
//same row: set the inhabitants into column 1
$store->set($iterator, 1, 34100000);

//You can set a whole row at once:
$iterator = $store->append();
//we add the data "Mexico city" at column 0 and 
// "22 million" at column 1 at the row $iterator
$store->set($iterator, 0, 'Mexico city', 1, 22650000);

//Even faster: don't even create an iterator variable
$store->set($store->append(), 0, 'Seoul', 1, 22250000);