void set_angle(int angle);

Sets the angle of rotation for the label (0-359). An angle of 90 reads from from bottom to top, an angle of 270, from top to bottom. The angle setting for the label is ignored if the label is selectable, wrapped, or ellipsized.

Example 81. Getting and Setting an Angle for GtkLabel

// Create a window to hold the label.
$window = new GtkWindow();
// Set up the window to close cleanly.
$window->connect_simple('destroy', array('Gtk', 'main_quit'));

// Create a label
$label = new GtkLabel('Degree Angle');

// Set the angle to 50 degrees.

// Now update the label with the current angle.
$label->set_text($label->get_angle() . ' ' . $label->get_text());

// Add the label to the window.

// Show the window and start the main loop.
This example produces the following window:

See also: get_angle()