Used to control what selections users are allowed to make.

Used by methods of the GtkTreeSelection class; set_mode() and get_mode() .


Symbolic name


  0Gtk::SELECTION_NONE No selection is possible.
  1Gtk::SELECTION_SINGLE Zero or one element may be selected.
  2Gtk::SELECTION_BROWSE Exactly one element is selected. In some circumstances, such as initially or during a search operation, it's possible for no element to be selected with Gtk::SELECTION_BROWSE. What is really enforced is that the user can't deselect a currently selected element except by selecting another element.
  3Gtk::SELECTION_MULTIPLE Any number of elements may be selected. Clicks toggle the state of an item. Any number of elements may be selected. Click-drag selects a range of elements; the Ctrl key may be used to enlarge the selection, and Shift key to select between the focus and the child pointed to.