Used to indicate which fields of a GdkGeometry struct should be paid attention to. Also, the presence/absence of Gdk::HINT_POS, Gdk::HINT_USER_POS, and Gdk::HINT_USER_SIZE is significant, though they don't directly refer to GdkGeometry fields. Gdk::HINT_USER_POS will be set automatically by GtkWindow if you call move() . Gdk::HINT_USER_POS and Gdk::HINT_USER_SIZE should be set if the user specified a size/position using a --geometry command-line argument; parse_geometry() automatically sets these flags.


Symbolic name


  1Gdk::HINT_POS Indicates that the program has positioned the window.
  2Gdk::HINT_MIN_SIZE Min size fields are set.
  4Gdk::HINT_MAX_SIZE Max size fields are set.
  8Gdk::HINT_BASE_SIZE Base size fields are set.
  16Gdk::HINT_ASPECT Aspect ratio fields are set.
  32Gdk::HINT_RESIZE_INC Resize increment fields are set.
  64Gdk::HINT_WIN_GRAVITY Window gravity field is set.
  128Gdk::HINT_USER_POS Indicates that the window's position was explicitly set by the user.
  256Gdk::HINT_USER_SIZE Indicates that the window's size was explicitly set by the user.