Used to indicate which fields in the GdkWindowAttr struct should be honored. For example, if you filled in the "cursor" and "x" fields of GdkWindowAttr, pass "GDK_WA_X | GDK_WA_CURSOR" to new. Fields in GdkWindowAttr not covered by a bit in this enum are required; for example, the width/height, wclass, and window_type fields are required, they have no corresponding flag in GdkWindowAttributesType.


Symbolic name


  2Gdk::WA_TITLE Honor the title field.
  4Gdk::WA_X Honor the X coordinate field
  8Gdk::WA_Y Honor the Y coordinate field
  16Gdk::WA_CURSOR Honor the cursor field
  32Gdk::WA_COLORMAP Honor the colormap field
  64Gdk::WA_VISUAL Honor the visual field
  128Gdk::WA_WMCLASS Honor the wmclass_class and wmclass_name fields
  256Gdk::WA_NOREDIR Honor the override_redirect field