The PangoUnderline enumeration is used to specify whether text should be underlined, and if so, the type of underlining.


Symbolic name


  0Pango::UNDERLINE_NONE no underline should be drawn.
  1Pango::UNDERLINE_SINGLE a single underline should be drawn.
  2Pango::UNDERLINE_DOUBLE a double underline should be drawn.
  3Pango::UNDERLINE_LOW A single underline should be drawn at a position beneath the ink extents of the text being underlined. This should be used only for underlining single characters, such as for keyboard accelerators. Pango::UNDERLINE_SINGLE should be used for extended portions of text.
  4Pango::UNDERLINE_ERROR A wavy underline should be drawn below. This underline is typically used to indicate an error such as a possilble mispelling; in some cases an contrasting color may automatically be used. This type of underlining is available since Pango 1.4.