The PangoDirection type represents a direction in the Unicode bidirectional algorithm; not every value in this enumeration makes sense for every usage of PangoDirection; for example, the return value of pango_unichar_direction() and pango_find_base_dir() cannot be Pango::DIRECTION_WEAK_LTR or Pango::DIRECTION_WEAK_RTL, since every character is either neutral or has a strong direction; on the other hand Pango::DIRECTION_NEUTRAL doesn't make sense to pass to pango_log2vis_get_embedding_levels().

The Pango::DIRECTION_TTB_LTR, Pango::DIRECTION_TTB_RTL values come from an earlier interpretation of this enumeration as the writing direction of a block of text and are no longer used; see the Text module of the CSS3 spec for how vertical text is planned to be handled in a future version of Pango. The explanation of why Pango::DIRECTION_TTB_LTR is treated as PANGO_DIRECTION_RTL can be found there as well.


Symbolic name


  0Pango::DIRECTION_LTR A strong left-to-right direction.
  1Pango::DIRECTION_RTL A strong right-to-left direction.
  2Pango::DIRECTION_TTB_LTR Deprecated value; treated the same as Pango::DIRECTION_RTL.
  3Pango::DIRECTION_TTB_RTL Deprecated value; treated the same as Pango::DIRECTION_LTR.
  4Pango::DIRECTION_WEAK_LTR A weak left-to-right direction.
  5Pango::DIRECTION_WEAK_RTL A weak right-to-left direction.
  6Pango::DIRECTION_NEUTRAL No direction specified.