Distinguishes between different types of attributes. Along with the predefined values, it is possible to allocate additional values for custom attributes using attr_type_register. The predefined values are given below. The type of structure used to store the attribute is listed in parentheses after the description.


Symbolic name


  1Pango::ATTR_LANGUAGE Language (PangoAttrLanguage).
  2Pango::ATTR_FAMILY Font family name list (PangoAttrString).
  3Pango::ATTR_STYLE Font slant style (PangoAttrInt).
  4Pango::ATTR_WEIGHT Font weight (PangoAttrInt).
  5Pango::ATTR_VARIANT Font variant (normal or small caps) (PangoAttrInt).
  6Pango::ATTR_STRETCH Font stretch (PangoAttrInt).
  7Pango::ATTR_SIZE Font size in points divided by PANGO_SCALE (PangoAttrInt).
  8Pango::ATTR_FONT_DESC Font description (PangoAttrFontDesc).
  9Pango::ATTR_FOREGROUND Foreground color (PangoAttrColor).
  10Pango::ATTR_BACKGROUND Background color (PangoAttrColor).
  11Pango::ATTR_UNDERLINE Whether the text has an underline (PangoAttrInt).
  12Pango::ATTR_STRIKETHROUGH Whether the text is struck-through (PangoAttrInt).
  13Pango::ATTR_RISE Baseline displacement (PangoAttrInt).
  14Pango::ATTR_SHAPE Shape (PangoAttrShape).
  15Pango::ATTR_SCALE Font size scale factor (PangoAttrScale).
  16Pango::ATTR_FALLBACK Whether fallback is enabled (PangoAttrInt).