Emitted when the cursor is moved within the label.

When this signal is emitted, four arguments are passed to the callback. First, the label will be passed. Next an integer, step, is passed. This integer indicates the type of movement. This value will be a GtkMovementStep. This value tells you whether the cursor has moved, by a character, word, line, etc. The third argument passed, direction, indicates the direction the cursor has moved. A positive value means the cursor has moved toward the end of the label's text. A negative value means the cursor has moved toward the start of the label's text. The final argument, selecting is a boolean value indicating whether or not a region of text is being selected. A region of text is normally selected when the user holds down Shift while moving the cursor.

A negative value for direction does not necessarily mean that the curosr was moved from right to left. Depending on the direction of the language, a negative value could mean that the cursor was moved from left to right.

This signal cannot be emitted unless the label has been made selectable by passing true to set_selectable() , because text that is not selectable cannot have a cursor position.

Callback function

void callback(GtkLabel label, GtkMovementStep step , int direction, bool selecting);