GtkArgFlags is deprecated and should not be used in newly-written code.

Possible flags indicating how an argument should be treated. Deprecated in favor of GParamSpec features.


Symbolic name


  1Gtk::ARG_READABLE The argument is readable. (i.e. can be queried).
  2Gtk::ARG_WRITABLE The argument is writable. (i.e. settable).
  4Gtk::ARG_CONSTRUCT The argument needs construction.
  8Gtk::ARG_CONSTRUCT_ONLY The argument needs construction (and will be set once during object creation), but is otherwise cannot be set. Hence this flag is not allowed with Gtk::ARG_WRITABLE, and is redundant with Gtk::ARG_CONSTRUCT.
  16Gtk::ARG_CHILD_ARG An argument type that applies to (and may be different for) each child. Used by GtkContainer.