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PHP-GTK ChangeLog

Version 2.0.1 "you knew this was coming"

  • GtkBuilder support
  • Support for the new GTK+ 2.12 tooltips API
  • Prevent segfaults when clone is used
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes, and support for PHP 5.3+ features

Version 2.0.0 "leap day special"

  • API coverage improved
  • Support for GTK+ up to 2.12
  • Custom GTypes, signals and properties support (see demos/examples)
  • Shared extensions are now prefixed with "php_gtk_"
  • Some constants moved to GObject:: class

Version 2.0.0beta "extension extravaganza"

  • custom tree models, clipboard support, enhanced gobject construction (Andrei)
  • drag and drop support for gtktreeview (Christian)
  • gtkspell, gtkextra, gtkhtml3, libsexy and scintilla extensions for *nix (Anant)
  • lots of unit tests (Christian, Scott)
  • win32 support for gtksourceview, gtkextra, gtkhtml3, and libsexy (Elizabeth)
  • win32 support for scintilla (Tom)
  • support for gtk+ 2.8 and 2.10 (Elizabeth)
  • more api coverage, bunch of bug fixes (Andrei, et al )

Version 2.0.0alpha "renaissance redux"

  • first preview release of the new architecture
  • make PHP 5, ZendEngine 2, and 1.5 gajillion little and big pieces (including my brain and caffeine metabolizer cells) work, basically. (Andrei, et al)

Version 1.0.1 "you thought we were done?"

  • buildconf script now takes an optional --with-phpize=<path> option to specify the location of phpize script. (Andrei)
  • removed support for old build system. PHP 4.3.x is now required to build PHP-GTK. (Andrei)
  • implemented append_element(), prepend_element(), insert_element(), append_item(), prepend_item(), and insert_item() methods of GtkToolbar class. (Andrei)
  • exposed the following (read-only) GtkToolbar properties: (Andrei)
    • style
    • space_style
    • space_size
    • orientation
  • reimplemented Gdk::cursor_new_from_pixmap() so it actually works. (Tom Rogers, Andrei)

Version 1.0.0 "mountain view special"

  • added support for GtkCanvas widget (Alan)
  • added support for GdkImLib toolkit - experimental (Alan)
  • added support for GtkExtra widgets, GtkPlot, GtkSheet and many others (Angel Maza, Alan)
  • added get_wrap_mode, set_wrap_mode to GtkScintilla (Benjamin Smith)
  • fixed segfault when providing GtkCtree::insert_node wrong parameters
  • added GtkScintilla, GtkComboButton, GtkSpaned, GtkScrollpane to Win32 distribution (Frank)
  • fixed warning on GtkNotebook::switch-page signal (Alan)

Version 0.5.2 "Bass does a body good"

  • simplified GdkPixbuf constructor parameters. (Andrei)
  • fixed setting of tile/stipple/clip_mask/bg_pixmap properties of GdkGC. (Andrei)
  • implemented GdkPixbuf::fill(). (Andrei)
  • changed failure to allocate color to output only a notice instead of a warning. (Andrei)
  • made depth parameter of GdkPixmap constructor optional. (Andrei)
  • added copy_area() method for drawables. (Andrei)
  • added group() and set_group() methods for GtkRadioButton/GtkRadioMenuItem. (Andrei)
  • added GDK functions pointer_grab(), pointer_ungrab(), keyboard_grab(), keyboard_ungrab(). (Andrei)
  • added utf8 support to GtkRadioButton, GtkToggleButton, GtkCheckMenuItem, and GtkCheckButton. (Frank)
  • fixed a crash bug when using non-string variables to access overloaded object's properties. (Andrei)
  • fixed a crash bug in GtkCheckButton constructor. (Andrei)

Version 0.5.1 "hardboiled wonderland"

  • changed gdkwindow::set_cursor() to allow reverting the cursor to default one. (Andrei)
  • fixed gtk::input_add() for pre-streams PHP versions. (Andrei)
  • adapted build system to work with the new PHP build system. (Andrei)
  • made gtk::input_add() work with PHP streams. (Andrei)
  • fixed gtkscintilla::marker_add return type. (Alan)
  • fixed property and method access on GdkBitmap. (Andrei)
  • fixed a crash bug in gtkclist::append() when size of input was greater than the number of columns. (Markus)

Version 0.5.0 "monday starts on saturday"

  • added new widgets with samples: GtkComboButton, GtkSPaned, GtkScrollPane and GtkPieMenu. (Markus)
  • implemented GtkFontSelection::set_filter(), GtkFontSelectionDialog::set_filter(), Gtk::button_box_get_child_ipadding_default(), Gtk::button_box_get_child_size_default() and GtkWidget::get_pointer(). (Markus)
  • implemented gdkpixbuf extension (loading and displaying images). (Andrei)
  • added GtkCTree methods find_by_row_data, find_all_by_row_data. (Andrei)
  • added gtkhtml extension which provides support for GtkHTML, an HTML rendering widget. (Alan Knowles)
  • added GtkClist methods find_row_from_data(), get_pixmap(). (Andrei)
  • added GtkList::remove_items() method. (Andrei)
  • added ability to build extensions as shared libraries and load them selectively. (Andrei)
  • made libglade work on Win32 platforms. (Frank)
  • added support for GtkSQPane widget. (Markus)
  • added GtkCList::get_pixtext(). (Andrei, Rich Payne)

Version 0.1.1 "no-holds-barred memento"

  • made type checking of parameters passed to PHP-GTK functions more forgiving. (Andrei)
  • added GtkNotebook::query_tab_label_packing(), GtkBox::query_child_packing(). (Markus)
  • added event watcher, dialog, file selection, panes, and notebook examples to gtk.php. (Markus)
  • added Gtk::signal_(add|remove)_emission_hook(), Gtk::signal_name(), and Gtk::signal_lookup() functions. (Markus)
  • added GtkCList::get_selection_info(). (Andrei)
  • added GtkCList methods set_row_data(), get_row_data(). (Markus)
  • added support for GtkScintilla, a text-editing widget. (Andrei)
  • implemented GladeXML methods signal_connect_object() and signal_autoconnect_object(). (Andrei)
  • fixed GDK keysym constants warnings by prefixing some of them with underscores. (Frank)
  • changed PHP-visible extension name from 'gtk' to 'php-gtk'. (Andrei)

Version 0.1 "the void which binds"

  • added GDK keysyms constants. (Andrei)
  • fixed bug with GtkStyle::copy() that was not returning the result properly. (Andrei)
  • implemented support for struct based classes (GdkRectangle, GtkAllocation, GtkRequisition, etc). (Andrei)
  • finished drag-n-drop support. (Andrei)
  • ported Scribble example from C. (Andrei)
  • modified GdkWindow::get_pointer() to be simpler, without XInput support. (Andrei)
  • changed 'area' event property to be a GdkRectangle. (Andrei)
  • changed 'is_hint' event property to be boolean. (Andrei)
  • added ability to query the state and allocation of a widget. (Andrei)
  • added direct construction of pixmaps. (Andrei)
  • added GdkWindow::set_icon() method. (Andrei)
  • implemented GtkList methods insert_items() and prepend_items(). (Andrei)
  • implemented new PHP-like build system that supports adding extensions to PHP-GTK. (Andrei)
  • implemented GtkCTree methods node_get_pixtext(), node_get_pixmap(), and get_node_info(). (Andrei)
  • implemented GtkObject::emit(), thus allowing programmatical emission of signals. (Andrei)
  • added support for accessing GtkObject arguments via get_arg() and set_arg() methods. (Andrei)

Version 0.0.4 "indistinguishable from magic"

  • improved speed/memory efficiency by having only one wrapper for boxed types, except for GdkEvent, GdkColor and GdkAtom. (Andrei)
  • implemented object overloading emulation layer to correct for Zend engine's problems, now it's possible to assign and read custom properties on Gtk+ objects. (Andrei)
  • added GtkAspectFrame class definition. (Andrei)
  • added GtkCTree traversal functions. (Andrei)
  • optimized internal resource handling, this should save on memory. (Andrei)
  • fixed a bug that would corrupt object type when setting cascaded property. (Andrei)
  • added a few more properties to GtkCTree and GtkCList. (Andrei)
  • implemented GtkMenu::popup(). (Andrei)
  • fixed GtkCTree::insert_row() for good, added GtkCTree methods node_set_row_data() and node_get_row_data(). (Andrei)
  • added helper GtkCListRow class. (Andrei)
  • separated GdkWindow, GdkBitmap, GdkPixmap implementations to allow for more flexibility and clarity. (Andrei)
  • implemented GtkObject methods get_data(), set_data, connect_after(), connect_object_after(). (Andrei)
  • added several more widget examples to gtk.php. (Andrei)
  • added ability to get and set color for GtkColorSelection. (Andrei)

Version 0.0.3 "slow glass"

  • added libglade support. (Andrei)
  • fixed cascading property access in objects. (Andrei)
  • added GtkRadioMenuItem, GtkRadioButton constructors. (Andrei)
  • added Gdk::pixmap_create_from_xpm_d(). (Andrei)
  • added GtkCList::prepend(), GtkClist::insert(). (Andrei)
  • added GtkCList example to gtk.php. (Andrei)
  • made Gdk::input_add() work with file resources. (Andrei)
  • fixed GDK locale support. (Alex Bokovoy)
  • reworked the generator to make it more generalized. (Andrei)
  • re-engineered the build system a bit to accomodate the need to build additional modules. (Andrei)
  • added helper GtkBoxChild, GtkFixedChild classes. (Andrei)
  • added some properties for GtkWidget, GtkBin, GtkMisc, GtkArrow, GtkBox, GtkCalendar, GtkCTree, GtkList, and GtkCList classes. (Andrei)

Version 0.0.2 "primordial nucleosynthesis"

  • added 'child' property to GtkBin and its descendants. (Andrei)
  • all callbacks now take user supplied extra arguments and better error messages are shown if the callbacks are not valid. (Andrei)
  • added GtkCombo::set_popdown_strings(), GdkPixmap::create_from_xpm(). (Andrei)
  • implemented support for creating menus via GtkItemFactory. (Andrei)
  • fixed loading of the extension via php.ini. (Andrei)
  • fixed timeout and idle handler marshaller so that they are called more than once. (Andrei)
  • added connect_object() method that allows calling an object method as a signal callback. (Andrei)
  • fixed a silent crash that was happening due to object corruption. (Andrei)
  • implemented GtkTipsQuery class. (Andrei)

Version 0.0.1 "Genesis"

  • first release. (Andrei)


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