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News for PHP-GTK community

[22-June-2015] We have created the branch dev-php-gtk3.
Branch development of PHP-GTK3 is dev-php-gtk3.
All development of PH-GTK3 will be done in this branch.
We in the coming days we will put more files with instructions on the standard design php-gtk3 and skel in dev-php-gtk3 to start the works.
This is the chance for you to participate in this great project.

Translation for the portuguse language community

Notícias para comunidade PHP-GTK

[22-June-2015] Criamos o branch dev-php-gtk3.
O branch de desenvolvimento do PHP-GTK3 é dev-php-gtk3.
Todo o desenvolvimento do PH-GTK3 será feito neste branch.
Nós nos próximos dias vamos colocar mais arquivos com instruções sobre o padrão do projeto php-GTK3 e o skel em dev-php-gtk3 para iniciarmos os trabalhos.
Esta é a oportunidade para você participar desse grande projeto.

We want you for PHP-GTK. (Nós queremos vocês para o PHP-GTK)

[09-June-2015] Congratulations PHP-GTK community.
As mentioned in a previous post: PHP-GTK is not dead!
If you have actively participated in the community please consider helping us again.
Visit and participate in our mailing lists.
Give your suggestions and assist the project.
Bring the comments as I've seen in: to the lists of PHP_GTK.
There is much work to be done. The PHP-GTK needs you.
If you have never participated in the community we want you for PHP-GTK.
All of us together can create an excellent working tool for desktop.

Translation for the portuguse language community

Congratulações comunidade PHP-GTK.
Como foi mencionado em post anterior: PHP-GTK is not dead!
Se você já participou ativamente da comunidade por favor considere nos ajudar novamente.
Acesse e participe de nossas listas de discussão.
Dê suas sugestões e auxilie o projeto.
Traga os comentários como os que eu vi em: para as listas dos PHP_GTK.
Há muito trabalho a ser feito. O PHP-GTK precisa de vocês.
Se você nunca participou da comunidade nós queremos você para o PHP-GTK.
Todos nós juntos podemos criar uma excelente ferramenta de trabalho para desktop.

PHP-GTK is not dead.

[25-may-2015] Just had a short break to return stronger.
We are gradually correcting the site links.
We have beta builds with PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5.
The developers that can help in php-gtk source code have the best support structure in gtihub:
Join us.

A Year Later...

[5-Aug-2010] Dropping by to let the PHP-GTK community know that development is still happening! The project is being split up into different projects, PECL/Cairo, GLib, GObject, etc.

While development is slow, there are still a few crazy people hacking away into the early hours.

Sit tight!

P.S. If you find that you're crazy enough to want to help the PHP-GTK project get back into rhythm, the guys are very welcoming. Find us on the #php-gtk channel on Freenode.

We're still here!

[28-May-2009] Rumours of PHP-GTK's death have been greatly exaggerated! The project is very much still alive, but we're waiting for PHP 5.3 to come out, and also some work needs to be done on the Cairo extension before a new release can be made. This should be completed soon. This release will come with support for GTK+ 2.14 and 2.16, Cairo, and PHP 5.3.

The next release will also include official installers for Windows and Mac OSX, and an installer script (thank you bob) for Linux.

If you are interested in helping out with the project, there are many ways to get involved. Contributions of code and tests are always welcome. You can get in touch on our development mailing list. We're also looking at improving the PHP-GTK documentation and website, which has its own mailing list too. Alternatively, join us in #php-gtk on the Freenode IRC network.

PHP-GTK 2.0.1 released

[16-May-2008] PHP-GTK 2.0.1 has been released, head over to the download page and get your copy. This release, named you knew this was coming, adds full support for GtkBuilder and tooltips; in addition to a slew of bug fixes and overrides.

Coming up next: Akshat Gupta, our student for the Summer of Code program this year will be working on cairo support for PHP-GTK. We're still looking for more people to help us out with development and documentation - please get in touch with us if you're interested.

Summer of Code 2008

[21-March-2008] The 2008 edition of the Google Summer of Code is here! The PHP project will be participating and you can propose PHP-GTK related projects. If you're an eligible student, take a look at some of our project ideas to get started. Mentors will be available on the development mailing list and on IRC for feedback on your application. All the best!

PHP-GTK 2 is Here!

[29-February-2008] After a long development and QA cycle, we are proud to release version 2.0 of PHP-GTK. This release, named leap day special, marks PHP-GTK 2 as stable and comes with support for GTK+ versions 2.6 through 2.12. Although support for more recent versions than 2.8 is not 100% complete, we hope to cover as much of the API as possible in upcoming releases.

This release comes with support for custom GTypes and signals, more API coverage, and the usual slew of bug fixes. Take a look at the Changelog for detailed information on changes since the beta.

If you're looking to learn PHP-GTK, the documentation is a great place to start. There's also an excellent book from Apress by Scott Mattocks on the topic. We hope you will enjoy developing applications with PHP-GTK 2. Please don't hesitate to file bug reports at the bug tracker, or give us feedback on the php-gtk-general mailing list. Have fun!

PHP-GTK 2 Beta!

[17-June-2007] The PHP-GTK team is proud to announce the release of a beta version of PHP-GTK 2. This release, aptly named extension extravaganza, brings with it tons of new features that you can look forward to:

  • Overall API coverage is now at 90%, with over 95% coverage for just the Gtk+ API.
  • The GtkTreeView widget has been significantly enhanced with custom model and drag-and-drop support
  • Basic clipboard functionality is now supported.
  • Exciting new cross-platform widgets now available through the GtkSpell, GtkExtra, GtkHTML3, libsexy and Scintilla extensions
  • Gtk+ versions 2.8 and 2.10 are now supported, which brings along a host of new features such as enhanced printing support; revamped GtkIconView, GtkNotebook; GtkPlug/Socket support for Win32; and a variety of new widgets like GtkStatusIcon and GtkAssistant.
  • The usual set of bug fixes and unit test additions.

Head over to the download section and grab a tarball. PHP-GTK 2 is now one step closer to a final release. Thanks to entire PHP-GTK team for making this release possible!

PHP-GTK Teams for the PHPThrowdown

[12-January-2007] The PHPThrowdown is a competition to see which team or individual can build the best application in 24 hours. Its a test of skill and stamina. Most people expect to see a whole bunch of web applications, but we here in the PHP-GTK community know that the best applications are written with PHP-GTK. To help prove this point to the rest of the world, a few teams are being organized to enter PHP-GTK applications into the contest. If you are interested in joining (or leading) a team, be sure to sign up on the PHP-GTK PHPThrowdown Team organization form.

December News

[13-December-2006] Interest in PHP-GTK is growing, and this is evident by the increasing number of hits at the community site. The site provides useful tips and code samples for PHP-GTK, be sure to stop by. Also, Christian created a map which tells you where PHP-GTK 2 developers and users are located. Join us on #php-gtk on Freenode and add yourself!

KateOS, a multitasking operating system; includes a package manager written entirely in PHP-GTK 2! This is the first time any distribution has adopted PHP-GTK 2 at such a level; we hope this trend continues!

The Chinese translation of the PHP-GTK 2 manual has now begun. If you are interested in contributing to the documentation or development of PHP-GTK 2 then get in touch with us, and help in making a faster release!

Callicore is a framework for PHP-GTK 2 and provides a set of re-usable classes designed to make application development quicker and painless. Though no releases have been made yet, the code from the repository is pretty usable.

Taking Conferences by Storm

[22-September-2006] It's conference season in the PHP world and no PHP conference would be complete without a PHP-GTK 2 presentation (you hear that DCPHP!). Earlier this month Andrei, demonstrated how easy it is to create powerful desktop applications with PHP-GTK 2 at PHP|Works in Toronot. Next, in October, Scott will be speaking at the Zend/PHP Conference. Finally, in early November, Steph will talk about the new features of PHP-GTK 2 at the International PHP Conference and demonstrate how to make lightweight cross-platform applications.

Online Help

[22-September-2006] While the development team works hard to finish the API (90% coverage is not far off), a new set of online tutorials has sprung up recently The tutorials are short and to the point. They cover those nagging issues that don't necessarily prevent you from completing your application, but add a great deal to the finished product.

Documentation Filling Out

[10-August-2006] This week, the PHP-Gtk2 documentation broke the 44.44% barrier: nearly half of the classes and their methods, properties and signals are documented. PHP-GTK 2 consists of 202 classes with nearly 2,900 methods, and many signals and properties. As the documentation matures, PHP-GTK 2 becomes easier to work with as the answers to many common problems become easier to find.

We ask you to help us fill in the white spaces and create examples for others to learn from. Writing documentation not only helps the project, but also helps you learn through experimenting with new methods, and gain a better understanding of the inner workings of the project. Interested? The doccing tutorial explains the first steps, and the php-gtk-doc mailing list is the central place for all manual issues. All help creating examples and writing or translating documentation, is appreciated.

PHP-GTK 2 Alpha Re-release

[17-July-2006] Apparently, PEAR infrastructure tools (due to a deficiency in PHP's version_compare() function) cannot handle a version modifier called "zeta". We had to rename it to good old "alpha", re-package and re-release. Download it if you plan to use PEAR's or's packages.

PHP-GTK 2 Zeta Release

[15-July-2006] After a long development cycle, PHP-GTK team is proud to announce the first official preview release of PHP-GTK 2. Since everyone has been patiently waiting for this release for quite a while, we have decided to skip a few letters of the Greek alphabet and go straight to zeta, which does not get nearly enough respect in the software world compared to its brethren. So, without further ado, please welcome PHP-GTK 2.0.0 Zeta!

PHP-GTK 2 Resources

[18-May-2006] The number of PHP-GTK 2 resources has been climbing steadily as development continues. As it stands now there are eight PHP-GTK 2 packages available from PEAR. The availability of the PHP-GTK 2 documentation provides an online resources for developers needing help with the PHP-GTK 2 API. Included in the online documentation is a new tutorial on using Glade with PHP-GTK 2. In addition several websites devoted to PHP-GTK 2 have cropped up providing a wide range of resources. Finally, the first PHP-GTK 2 book, Pro PHP-GTK, has been published. All of these resources should provide a strong launching point for any developer wanting to get a head start working with the soon-to-be-released alpha version of PHP-GTK 2.

Moving toward a release of PHP-GTK 2

[28-Feb-2006] This month PHP-GTK 2 has continued its march toward an initial release. Andrei has been working through bug fixes and implementing new features. Recently he added the ability to use GtkListStores and GtkTreeStores as if they were iterators or arrays. This makes it much easier to work with data models for GtkTreeView and GtkComboBox. The documentation team has been working hard to fill out the docs. Several new pages have been added and the PHP-GTK 2 docs will soon make their first appearance on the PHP-GTK website.

Even though PHP-GTK 2 is not quite stable yet, several applications have been developed using the CVS version. There are now four PHP-GTK 2 packages available on PEAR including the newly added Gtk2_ScrollingLabel and Gtk2_PHPConfig. Christian Weiske has released the first game developed with PHP-GTK 2: Minesweeper.

PHP-GTK 2 Progress

[23-Jan-2006] Development of PHP-GTK 2 is steadily picking up pace. The last month has seen plenty of activity not only in commits to CVS but in other parts of the PHP-GTK 2 community also:

  • The PHP-GTK 2 documentation is filling out. More classes have been documented and given examples (especially the GtkTree* classes).
  • Source code highlighting has been added to the PHP-GTK 2 manual.
  • Most of the get_size* methods have been implemented.
  • 85% of all methods and properties have been implemented. The other 15% need to be written by hand, and more are being added every week. (Some automatically generated methods may not be implemented correctly and will have to be re-written by hand. Therefore, the actual coverage figures may be slightly lower than those above)
  • The Gnope installer has been downloaded over 8000 times since its release last month.
  • Gtk2_PHPConfig, an application that makes it easy to modify php.ini files, has been proposed on PEAR by Anant Narayanan.

Gnope Installer Released

[11-Dec-2005] Version 1.0 of the Gnope Installer has been released. The Gnope installer helps to set up a full featured PHP-GTK2 installation on a Windows system with just a few clicks. It is designed to make installation of PHP-GTK2 and PHP-GTK2 applications quick and easy. For more information or to download Gnope visit

October News

[21-Oct-2005] Christian Weiske has written an article for PHP Magazin titled "Rapid Application Development Mit PHP-GTK" which discusses creating applications using PHP-GTK and Glade.

An unofficial version of PHP-GTK 2 for Windows can be found at If you are interested in helping test PHP-GTK 2 on Windows, please send your comments to the dev mailing list.

PHP-GTK 2 at the International PHP Conference

[25-Jul-2005] Jeremy Johnstone will be presenting a talk titled "GUI Development in PHP-GTK2" at the International PHP Conference in November. Anyone going to the conference should be sure to check out his talk. The discussion includes "in depth coverage of developing a GUI application in PHP-GTK2 including tools you can use to allow you to rapidly develop new applications."

Win9x Support in PHP 5.1

[25-Jul-2005] There is talk on the PHP Internals mailing list about removing support for Win9x (95/98/2000/ME) from PHP 5.1. For most PHP developers this isn't much of a big deal but for PHP-GTK 2 developers it may have a much more significant impact. If you have reasons to keep Win9x support in PHP 5, make sure to voice your opinion!

PHP-GTK 1.0.2 Released

[15-Jul-2005] PHP-GTK 1.0.2 is a minor release that fixes a bug in the build process that prevented PHP-GTK from being installed with the newly released PHP 4.4.x branch.

Getting Ready for PHP-GTK 2

[18-May-2005] PHP-GTK 2 is getting closer and closer to a first release every day. At the International PHP Conference, Andrei gave a talk about the current status of PHP-GTK 2 and the direction it is heading. Since then, excellent progress has been made with trees and editable cells. Parameter reflection has also been added thanks to Christian. The lastest efforts have led to the first set of practical applications written with PHP-GTK 2. Christian's reflection browser makes it easy to take a look at the inner workings of PHP-GTK 2 classes and can be used as simple documentation.


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